Reiss Manufacturing, Inc.
Specialists in Silicone Rubber and Plastics

Founded in 1896, Reiss Manufacturing, Inc. specializes in three principal industries and ships its products around the globe.

Silicone Rubber Division

 - Founded in 1946, also known as Ronsil, and located in Blackstone, VA, specializes in formulating silicone compounds and molding, extruding and calendering silicone and related polymer products.

Plastic Molding Division

 - Founded in 1954, also known as Kenkor, and located in Englishtown, NJ, specializes in structural foam, high-pressure injection, gas counter-pressure and gas-assist plastics molding and contract manufacturing.

Thermoplastic Extrusion Division

 - Founded in 1954, also known as Kentron, and located in Blackstone, VA, specializes in extruding profiles and tubes in a variety of plastic resins.

2015 marks our 119th anniversary - a milestone made possible by our customers, suppliers and employees. We value their partnership, support and loyalty.

Each of our facilities is ISO-certified.

Reiss Manufacturing Plant, Englishtown, New Jersey
Englishtown, New Jersey Plant
Reiss Manufacturing Plant, Blackstone, Virginia
Blackstone, Virginia Plant

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